Factors That Affect Teamwork

Teamwork in any organization is important and essential for it to succeed. For an organization to achieve its goals, it needs to run like a well-oiled machine composed of different parts working together. Teamwork becomes the oil that makes everything keep on running smoothly in any organization or company.

But where teamwork is greatly needed, it is not always implemented that easily. Teamwork does not usually come naturally in any organization. It needs to be nurtured and developed. Here are the ingredients needed to foster good teamwork in an organization.

Good Communication

Effective communication is always at the heart of good teamwork among employees. It helps make sure that the objectives are understood from top to bottom. Good communication between those at the top to those in the trenches helps clear up things faster and know what needs to be done. It is good communication that also allows organizations to adapt to changes quickly as they come.

Shared Responsibility

Members of a team should know that achieving a goal takes a collective effort. Success in a project is considered a shared responsibility. Tasks done by each one may be connected to the other and doing each task well depends on each one’s contribution. A good team realizes that this is always the case and does not think of a task as something that wouldn’t affect how the whole team performs.

Shared Motivation And Praise

Good teamwork may also be attributed to not only how each member of the team works but also on how they try to motivate each other. Challenges that come become more bearable if members help to motivate each one to do better. Sharing praises with one another also helps raise team spirit and confidence to do better every time.
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