Encouraging Employee Communication

As manager you have the responsibility to establish and administer the disciplinary procedure and to effectively handle grievances and complaints. Your actions are the major factor in determining the human relations climate in your company. Communication provides the key to successfully meeting these responsibilities. Keep your employee informed satisfies an important need. Employees get information from communications network which includes any conversations they have with employees. As employer you should keep employee informed by the following.

Any meetings than management personal may hold with employees to brief them on matters of interest and to discuss anything of concern to the company or to them, including problems with production, standards or rules, as well as any concerns they may have. Such meetings provide considerable feelings of belonging to employees and bring many suggestions on how specific projects, as well as overall operations can be improved.

A small employee handbook which are useful in the orientation of a new employee to your company, and also serves as a reference on policy benefits, procedures and safety programs.

An organized bulletin board. Notices of holidays, new policies, benefit program changes, emergency telephone numbers and any other information that would prove of interest to employees can be posted on such a bulletin board. Notice of personal information regarding your employees – congratulations on promotion, milestones, birthdays, births, marriages – can also be posted.

Any email than management personal or human resources person should send about policies or procedure changes, employee disciplinary, employee evaluation process.

Information about safety, health, and housekeeping procedures can also add to a good communication climate.

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